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Aluminum Alloy Profi

Aluminum Alloy Profile

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Aluminum Alloy Profile
Aluminum Alloy Profile


Provide you with: aluminum door windows system 60,65,70, 80,88 sliding doors system

" Cinda Kay " brand aluminum composite window profiles in a special section of the structure is matched by a multi-chamber UPVC and aluminum alloy profiles , mechanically composite. The profile has both excellent insulation performance characteristics UPVC profiles , also has a high strength aluminum alloy profiles , decorative features , known as the new generation of energy-saving insulation window profiles . Plastic composite profiles produced with the doors and windows , which reduce the value of the thermal conductivity K , thermal insulation performance to 2.0W/m2.k, finished product testing for aluminum composite windows display : its air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure and other functions well ; ( 5 +14 +5 hollow glass ) by changing the pressure line , the middle layer of air can reach 16mm or install triple insulating glass ; the noise , the noise value can reach more than 30dB , the performance indicators than the national GB8814-2004 and GB5237.6-2004 standard .
   Meanwhile , the product also has good corrosion resistance, decorative, easy to maintain surface decoration , and has anti-aging , high weather resistance and other advantages. Because , cut off from contact with plastic profile with ultraviolet light , thus completely solve the many problems of UV -resistant plastic profiles caused poor . Expert evaluation, aluminum profile life of more than 50 years.

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