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Series aluminum extr

Series aluminum extruded profiles

Series aluminum extruded profiles
Series aluminum extruded profiles


Provide you with:  50,60 extruded aluminum door windows system, 60,80 sliding doors system

" Cinda Kay " brand aluminum extruded profiles is to use the advantages of aluminum alloy high strength and high sealing performance of PVC plastic profiles and the development of new windows and doors composite profiles . It has a unique design and a good cross-section of the physical properties , its wind pressure , watertight , airtight , thermal insulation , sound insulation, shading , lighting and other seven categories of physical performance indicators have reached the national energy efficiency standards.
The product is utilized in a multi-cavity aluminum liner wrapped outer surface of the continuous layer having a micro-foam PVC insulation , effectively reduces the overall heat transfer coefficient of aluminum alloy to improve the heat and energy efficiency.
GOLD aluminum profiles as a skeleton to ensure the rigidity and strength profiles . Meanwhile , aluminum wall with a groove , so that the micro- foamed PVC layer is firmly connected , while improving the wind pressure into the window , resistance to deformation .
Connected through the use of high-strength aluminum angle code technology, so that the entire window has good mechanical performance and safety , and saving the amount of materials, hardware purchase convenient, simple assembly process .
In addition, extruded aluminum windows and doors also with acid, alkali , corrosion resistance, heat resistance, UV aging performance, easy processing , the combination of window -type process flexible.

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